This weekend the girls, my husband and I watched a few episodes of Peppa Pig on Nick Jr. Just about everyday I hear my daughter Tamaryn go on and on about Peppa Pig. Curious about who or what Peppa Pig is? OK, let me explain.

Peppa Pig is a cartoon television series written by a British lady named Astley Baker Davies. Peppa is the main character who is a little girl pig and she enjoys jumping in mud puddles. She has a brother named George Pig, Mummy Pig is the mother of both and Daddy Pig is their father who is so disrespected on the show.

Daddy Pig in my opinion is the hero of the whole show, but is made out to be the butt of all of the jokes. Peppa Pig, George Pig and Mummy Pig all tease him because his stomach is so big. Even though he is in denial that his tummy is big, the rest of them are too! Do they not realize that they are PIGS too. Who wants a pig with a small tummy, you're a pig, you're supposed to have a big tummy!

While I understand why my child likes this cartoon, I also had to spend some time explaining that you should not treat your father that way. Daddy Pig always fixes the problems that the family has and he is disrespected in every episode. He is a good father and a good husband and a mockery is being made of this.

This got under my skin so bad. Later I learned that there was some controversy surrounding the cartoon because the family did not wear seat belts in the first two seasons. Since then, the first two seasons have been re-aninmated and all episodes following have included seat belts when the family is in the car. Ok, HELLO, what about the father being disrespected?

Being a parent of two daughters who I want to have a wonderful relationship with their father and future husbands, I think I may have to ban Peppa Pig viewings in my house.

In the episode above the family goes camping and long story short, Daddy Pig ends up getting on the rained on and sleeping in the car. Check out the episode and share your thoughts.