Some citizens in Cedar Hill, Texas came through for real when they witnessed a youth pastor molesting a 6 year-old boy behind an apartment complex.

29 year-old pastor, Willie Lee Bell Jr. is already in trouble with authorities for inappropriate conduct with other minors. Why they did not lock him up for that, I am not sure, however he is now in police custody and off the street. The other charges are for sexual assault on two little boys in a Dallas apartment complex. The victims say that he approaches them and tells them to come with him. The one thing they all remember is his church shoes.

Bell is associated with the United Methodist Church of North Texas and they said they have no knowledge of him being inappropriate with minors on the grounds of the church. Did y'all know he was a pervert though? Did y'all know about those other two incidents? The church needs to do a better job at holding people accountable, not judging. There is a difference.