A standoff with officers from the Bullard Police Department and the Smith County Sheriff’s office ended early Wednesday morning when a SWAT Team was forced to enter a house where a man was holding several people refusing to let them leave.

Authorities say they received a call from a woman at the residence stating Justin Dewayne Davis, 29, of Bullard was acting erratically, and refused to release her, another woman ,and several children .

During the standoff, Davis threatened officers and went back inside the house where he later released  two adults and several children , he refused though to release two other children, ages six and seven.

A warrant was then obtained to enter the house on County Rd. 145 where the Smith County Swat Team entered the residence and arrested Davis. The two children were unharmed and released to their mother.

During the night, Davis’ father, Harold Dewayne Davis, 50, was arrested when he attempted to pass through a roadblock in an effort to get to the house. He is charged with interference with public duties.

Both men are jailed in Smith County, other charges are expected to filed against Justin Dewayne Davis.