So I am back on the dating scene now. I've been divorced now for about 2 years and have been convinced by my friends to "try something new". So I did.

I registered with a few different online dating sites to see just what kind of luck I may have. The first thing I had to do was come up with a handle. That was easy, because I am known in the online dating world as "TryingSomethingNew". I should really change it to "ThisIsAJoke". Personally for me, this online dating thing just doesn't work. It's a big joke.

So, the first site I signed up with was "". They have a very nice advertising campaign and it was the number 1 suggestion from my friends. I would have to say that it is "hook up" site. Meaning, ever one on there, as far as I could see, was just trying to get laid. I hadn't even finished putting my profile up before I started getting all kinds of inbox messages saying they wanted to meet me. I didn't even have my photo up yet.

Personally, I use "" as an ego booster. I have not gotten a real date from it, but the dudes sure will send you some messages telling you what you want to hear. So I guess I am getting something from it.