Graduation time is upon us once again!  The joy of putting on your cap and gown and walking across the stage to receive your diploma after 4 years of High School is a major accomplishment to some families.  I can recall when I got my diploma and the feeling of accomplishment on my face was everything to me and my family.


While many families will be excited to watch their loved ones walk across the stage many will feel the stress and anguish of trying to pay for colleges and many will not have the opportunity to send their child to college.  However, there is relief for struggling families that would like to send their child to college and they could send them for free through scholarships, work programs and even the military.

According to the website simplemost they have listed 19 colleges where you can get a degree for free and one of them is in Texas.  This article is real in depth as it show you if you are looking for a college degree, and don’t want to have that big bill they give you plenty of options that will take it easy on your checkbook.  The article highlights schools where you can get free admission through various options.  Some colleges require work for your education and the jobs could be custodial, to farm work.  Also, if you are in the military they have schools that offer free education, future teachers, schools that reward talent, religious schools, and schools that recognize need which brings me to this Texas school.

Texas A&M is one of the few schools that maybe expensive, but can cover tuition if the student has financial need.  In Time magazine Texas A&M along with other universities give assistance to low income families to which Texas A&M assist families with an income of $60,000 (Where was this article 3 years ago when my kids graduated H.S.)

So, parents of the Class of 2017 I hope this brings some comfort to you and your wallet as you prepare your incoming freshman for the Fall semester of 2017.