The family of Alton Sterling was dealt another hard blow as the Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry made the announcement on Tuesday (March 27th) that the two Baton Rouge police officers will not face charges in the fatal shooting of the 37 year old nearly 2 years ago in July.

CBS News reports, Officers Blane Salamoni, and Howie Lake will not face federal charges from the Justice Department from last year.  The Officers wrestled Sterling to the ground outside of a neighborhood store where he was selling CD’s.  It was then when Salamoni fired his gun killing Sterling.

That toxicology test result from Sterling revealed he had cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl, along with other drugs in his system which caused Landry to determine he was under the influence and was non-compliant with the officer’s orders.

Sterling’s death sparked outrage in Baton Rouge and his family is not happy about the decision from the Justice Department including Quintela McMillan the mother of his oldest son.

They took a human away. They took a father away.  When I see the video, I see the dad of my son killed in cold blood.

Knowing that her family will never be the same and will never get justice she said that she would be more at peace if the officers were fired.

God bless the life of Alton Sterling.