For almost a decade now, almost everyone has believed O.J. Simpson got away with murder. But, in a documentary coming out tonight on the Investigation Discovery Channel, the truth will come out. O.J. didn't do it. 

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered almost ten years ago and yet, their killer has never been caught. According to Clay Rogers, his brother was caught long ago.

Rogers claims that his brother, convicted for unrelated murders, admitted to killing Simpson and Goldman. Clay's brother, Glen, says that he met the Simpsons and that he  did O.J.'s bidding in a sense the night the murder took place. Simpson is claimed to have paid Rogers to break into Nicole Simpson's residence to retrieve diamond earrings he had given her. But, the robbery went all wrong.

There is not much proof of the validity of these statements, but Rogers believes they are powerful enough to set a new investigation rolling. Clay Rogers says that he received a phone call from his brother saying that he had just met and was partying with Simpson's wife. This would almost prove that Glen Rogers and the Simpsons were familiar with each other. He also stated that he pulled a gold angel pin from Simpson's deceased body and mailed it to his mother. If this pin can be proven as Simpson's, this will be a very strong piece of evidence.

Though this claim seems a little questionable,  the Los Angeles Police Department is going to take it into consideration. To ensure that this case is approached with complete thoroughness, they will research and analyze Rogers' claims.

If the man is found to have been a part of the murder of Simpson and Goldman, he has already been served justice. He was put to death for multiple murders of women. He, along with the Simpson claims, stated on death row that he had killed nearly 70 women.

Whether he killed Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman or not, he was a very disturbed man and has been taken from this world to protect from more killings. The case is closed for Glen Rogers. But, his story will now be told.

"My Brother the Serial Killer" airs tonight on Investigation Discovery Channel at 9pm. It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds.

But, what do you think? Was Rogers really involved or is this a stunt to get higher TV ratings? Let us know below.