I have a vivid imagination and certain TV shows keep my attention because I have to see what happens next.  Gator Boys on Animal Planet was one of my favorite shows because it highlight a team of alligator hunters who go out on various locations and rescue nuisance alligators from residential areas.  Just watching those guys handle alligators whether big or small was fascinating and how they would put their lives in harm’s way.

Well the other day I was telling you about an alligator sighting in the city of Lindale, Texas and just recently there was ANOTHER alligator sighting in East Texas and this time it was caught by some of the locals.  In Hawkins, Texas some of the locals banded together and caught a 10 ft. alligator that was on their property.  By watching the video I was in pure amazement at how they got some rope and attempted to capture the gator.  After subduing the animal and after a brief scare midway through the video they successfully captured the gator and took him to a safe location.

During the summer months I urge you to be careful and be on the lookout for gators in East Texas.  If you just so happen to see a gator please call your local nuisance control and handle the gator.