It's been a while since some of us have gone to Lake Palestine Resort so bear with us if you've been. We were taking a look out the marina and noticed a new-ish dock to our left. One of our staffers was so excited, he began jumping up and down with excitement.

So, we thought if this fisherman hasn't seen this, maybe some of y'all haven't heard.

They built a new dock at Lake Palestine Resort! We asked how many slips there were and learned the new dock can house up to 27 boats. The dock was built around July of last year and we feel it's safe to say, "you can't complain about boat parking anymore".

They also have a relatively new weight station too, but we're not sure if this is where we'll be weighing the your catches during the Big Bass Bash.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

What we do know, is it is a beautiful day today and many of us can't wait to get out on the water. Just make sure to watch for gators!

Jason Eisenberg | TSM