Sleet, freezing rain and ice turned a mall parking lot into an ice skating rink for one North Texas driver.

Winter unleashed just about everything it had on West, North Central and East Texas yesterday (Monday, Feb. 23) morning with rain, freezing rain, sleet, ice and a few snow flurries, leaving our roads a mess to drive on, except in wide-open parking lots! Those icy surfaces became a playground for a few people!

Dallas Fox affiliate Fox 4 caught a driver having some fun in the empty Collin Creek Mall parking lot in Planoyesterday morning as they were doing donuts in their SUV. Nothing wrong with that!

A big, open, slick parking lot with nothing to run into, I say have fun and go for it! After doing several donuts the news anchor says the driver simply finished, parked his car and went in the mall to go shopping!

Pure and simple fun, Texas style!

We could be in for another round of winter weather tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 25). Forecasters are saying we could have as much as three inches of snow in the Tyler and Longview area and points north.

If that happens we'll be building snowmen tomorrow! If there are school cancellations or delays we will keep you updated right here.