Pop sta, Rihanna is well-known for her music, sex-appeal, and partying like a rock star, all of which has sparked some criticism. Her latest critic is the new CEO of Nivea, Stefan Heidenreich. Rihanna landed the endorsement deal with Nivea back in 2001 before Heidenreich joined the company, but now that he's in charge, he says RiRi is a "no-go."

Nivea even shelled out tons of cash to fund her latest tour well before Heindenreich became the new CEO.

According to Heindenreich:

Rihanna is a no go ... I do not understand how to bring the core brand of Nivea in conjunction with Rihanna. Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability."

Although Rihanna is no stranger to controversy, the "Where Have You Been" singer still enjoys her life to the fullest and could care less about what her naysayers have to say about it. Rihanna will even use her Twitter to respond to negativity in a less than tactful way.

How exactly did Rihanna respond to her new critic? She tweeted a photo of herself with his picture with a caption that read, "No caption necessary."

Forbes made it known that Rihanna is one of the highest-paid celebrities under 30 years old, and being the front-woman for Nivea has somewhat helped catapult her into that position.

Either way, we still think Rihanna is just a young woman having fun, and not taking herself so seriously. Should she really be reprimanded for that?