Nicki Minaj is reportedly in talks to join Britney Spears on her upcoming tour, the singer confirmed today to MTV News.

"I am in talks of joining Britney Spears, yeah," she said. "I'm in talks about a lot of things, ya know. I don't know -- oops, I did it again."

The tour -- which kicks off June 17 in Sacramento, CA -- has been in a bit of flux since news broke at the end of March that Enrique Iglesias had abruptly dropped out. On March 30, the singer Tweeted, "Hey guys, sorry for the confusion regarding a possible tour in the summer with Britney Spears. We are on the Euphoria tour and will continue to do so including some soon-to-be-announced dates in US. So hope to see all of you soon."

As for Minaj, she's currently on I Am Still Music Tour with Lil Wayne, which ends May 1 in East Rutherford, NJ.

Sound off: Is Nicki Minaj the perfect replacement for Enrique Iglesias? Or should Britney consider a different artist?

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