Nothing could've hurt more than Nicki Minaj's harsh words after Kree' Harrison's performance of Susan Tedeschi's 'It Hurts So Bad' during last night's 'American Idol.' The rapper let Kree have it as she critiqued the 'Idol' star's stage presence.

"Everyone can blow smoke up ya ass if they want to, but that wasn't it," said Minaj in a clap.

The head Barb urged Kree to stop depending on her vocals and bring some personality to the stage -- very respectable advice even if it wasn't necessarily said in the nicest way.

How Kree managed to take the stage for round two, no one knows. But she got up there and sang her little heart out anyways.

We expect that she will be in the bottom two when tonight's 'Idol' airs.

Watch Nicki Minaj's Harsh Critique of Kree Harrison's 'American Idol' Performance