Superman has Clark Kent, Spider Man has Peter Parker, and Nicki Minaj has … rapper Jay-Z? The best way to conceal your identity is to hide in plain sight, and a slowed-down video of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’ (which was released last year and has recently resurfaced, thanks to Vice), has led to suspicion that Hova and the Harajuku Barbie are the same person. Think about it: have you ever seen them together in the same studio?

Okay, obviously Nicki Minaj is real to some extent. She’s made a ton of public appearances, including her much-anticipated Grammy performance, but that doesn’t mean her voice isn’t just Jay-Z’s sped up. Take a look at the Super Bass video and you’ll see that her lips look about as computer generated as Lana Del Rey’s. That’s because she is is a cartoon character, or a robot, or an actress, or all three.

Hov has dominated in just about every other area of culture. Why not also just create an international female persona? Neither of the stars have weighed in on this yet, and until they do, we have no choice but to believe it. I guess the true test will be when someone speeds up a Jay-Z song. Oh wait, someone did.

Watch Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’ Slowed Down

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