Nicki Minaj has made no secret that she thinks she has multiple personalities -- she often raps using her dissociative voices -- and now she's putting them to use on camera.

Minaj interviewed herself for an ELLE video, and it's safe to say this girl hates journalists. (Dude, what'd we ever do to you?)

The 'Freedom' rapper ditzes up as a writer named Nicole, asking such profound questions as "Who is Nicki Minaj?" and "What do you wear at home?"

Minaj as herself (who's actually dressed like early-era Lady Gaga) starts out semi-serious, though it's evident that she's stifling laughter. She deliberately messes with Nicole, handing over whoppers like "I'm going to be artificially inseminated so I don't ever have to have sex with anyone."

Come on girl, look at your curves. It'd be criminal to waste those.