Nicki Minaj has the blues.

In a photo from her Vogue feature, pop music’s colorful pink lady is painted blue. It’s not quite a Smurfette shade but it’s a rich turquoise that one might expect from the often candy-coated ‘Super Bass’ singer. Is she trying out for a role as a Na’vi in the next installment of ‘Avatar?’ Nah, she’s just posing for the fashion bible.

Wrapped in lowcut, drapey scarlet red dress accessorized with a pink curly wig, a belt and over-the-elbow gloves, Minaj looks mature and grown up, not to mention incredibly fashion forward. The animated, cartoonish element of her image falls by the wayside in this frame-worthy shot.

Minaj declares that she’d “do a really good job as a prosecutor” if she followed her initial desire to be a lawyer. She also reveals she lives in a condo in Los Angeles, due to the weather and to escape “bad memories” back east.

She also refers to her outrageous get ups as “costumes, not outfits,” revealing that many are custom-made or imported from Japan.