We already knew Nicki Minaj is a diva and a queen bee. But we get further proof of this fact when she is carried, while wearing gold-tipped heels and blue fur, by several people, with a handler or a hapless assistant holding an umbrella over her head. Four people are attending to her at once. Why the divalicious behavior? Well, she was trying to work in the ferocious wind while shooting a video for her track 'Freedom' and needed a lift.

A diva's gotta do what a diva's gotta do. Know what that means? A diva's people have to do what a diva's people have to do. And if that means becoming a human rickshaw in order to give her a "ride" in rainy, crappy weather, then so be it, son.

The footage, shot in not-so-cheery-old-England, features more than bad weather blowing the singer's hair around or preventing her from walking safely. It also features her trying to get the scenes done in a cold climate, too. Someone from her entourage gets knocked over. It's a bit of a mess, weather-wise.

The rapper is a trooper, and soldiers on despite less-than-favorable conditions. It's sorta cute to watch members of her team carry her to "safety."