Nick Cannon is trying to keep his lifestyle up. You know since he filed for divorce from Mariah Carey last year he has been spending money like he has a money tree in his backyard. I guess he thinks that tree is Mariah.

The 34-year-old has booked private jets for parties, hosted $2,000 dinners at 5-star restaurants, just bought his grand-daddy a $400,000 Rolls-Royce and just rented an $11,000-per-month mansion in New Jersey. This nut has spent $1 million in a year and wants $50 million from Mariah for the divorce. If he gets it he will be a broke joker quickly!

Mariah doesn't want to give him a dime over $10 million. I say take that Nick and get your behind another job! Rumor is that Mariah is actually prepared to give $30 million, but you know the saying, "You give 'em an inch and they want a mile!"

Good luck with that on Nick.