The NFL continues to find as many ways as possible to become the No Fun League.

In a radio interview on "The Dan Patrick Show," Dean Blandino confirmed the rule change that will penalize players for dunking the football over the goal post. The NFL already has outlawed using the ball as a prop in touchdown celebrations, but it had grandfathered in dunking the ball and the Lambeau Leap as legal celebrations.

The Lambeau Leap is still legal, but when it comes to dunking, players will have to start working on their layups.

Made popular by former Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez, dunking the football has been the most popular touchdown celebration in the NFL.

The decision seems likely to have been made in response to New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham nearly taking down the goal post in Atlanta last season after a dunk following a touchdown. The game was delayed several minutes while the field crew put the goal post back in working order.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told that "the potential delay of game for having to reset the cross bar after being knocked askew by a dunker" was the primary reason for the rule change.

The NFL seems focused on outlawing anything with a "worst case scenario," which it could be bad if a player dunked the ball on the goal post and the thing fell over. But you have to wonder how much "government regulation" the NFL has left in it.