This year the national anthem protest will be going into the third year since it’s began, and the NFL has found a solution on how to deal with the controversial topic. CBS News report, the NFL owners have a new policy that has been approved after the backlash of the national anthem protest by their players.

During their annual owners meeting the owners agreed on the following that players can stay in the locker room during “The Star Spangled Banner”, but if they were to take the field they would be required to stand or be penalized a 15-yard penalty if they take a knee.

Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

Former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick started the protest against racial inequality and police brutality 2 seasons ago.  The number grew rapidly to over 200 players after President Trump called the protesters “Son of a b*tch” and called for them to be fired last September.

Currently Kapernick who is still unsigned by the NFL is suing the league along with Eric Reed after allegations that teams wouldn't sign them over then anthem protest.

The NFL season kick off September 6th.