We are just getting reports in from TMZ that Prince was treated for a drug overdose just 6 days prior to his untimely passing.

TMZ has been identified as the media source that broke the new of Prince's private jet making that emergency landing after leaving Atlanta. Word is that he was trying to fight off the flu but this was questionable because the aircraft was less than an hour away from where it was to land.

According to TMZ, they were informed that when Prince got to the hospital, doctors administered what is called a "save shot", which is typically used to fight off the effects of an opiate. Hospital staff wanted Prince to stay at the hospital for 24 hour observation, however Prince left the hospital after being released 3 hours later because the hospital could not accommodate the 'private room' demand. Hospital staff advise that when Prince walked out of the hospital he "was not doing well."

Currently the powers that be in Minnesota are attempting to get the hospital records to help determine the cause of death. TMZ has reached out to Prince's reps for further comment, but no answers have been given yet. According to sources, TMZ has been cooperative and respectful with the publicist and family wishes in the coverage of Prince's untimely death.