Death happens. It’s a part of life that is hardly ever planned. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to leave a parting word to your friends upon your death? Ifidie has the answer. It’s the Facebook app that allows you to record a video message that will be played and posted to your Facebook profile upon your death.

You may have had a friend or relative pass away and then witnessed their Facebook profile blow up with comments and condolences. We recently had that happen when our fellow co-worker, Allen McGee, past away on Christmas morning. In fact, we learned of his death on his Facebook page. Within hours of his death, there were hundreds of posts from friends and family. Some expressed shock, some sadness, some anger and the list of emotions goes on.

Here is how the new app from works:

You download the free app that links to your Facebook page.

Then, you record a video or message, and choose three friends to act as trustees. These three friends will verify your death and allow your final Facebook update be released.

“If I die” creators claim that no one can see the messages until someone’s death is verified.

Right now, the program only allows you to leave one text or video message to all your Facebook friends, however soon you will have the ability to send different messages to different people.

Here is a video explaining the whole process from the website:

Cool app or horribly morbid? I can’t really decide, but I know one thing for sure, I would LOVE to know what Allen’s parting words would have been for the rest of us. I can only imagine the wisdom he would have left us with! It makes me smile just thinking about what it might have been!