It’s getting harder and harder for people to hide their excitement for the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and while we still have a long way to go before we get to see finished product — the men in Dark Tower costumes filmed across the desert, and ScreenCrush followed — many fans can pass the time glued to their computer screens, looking for any new set photos and behind-the-scenes content they can get our hands on.

And this has been a particularly good weekend for the former. Not long after we got our first real look at Matthew McConaughey’s Man in Black, both Birth.Movies.Death and Just Jared have shared a few shots of Idris Elba’s Roland Deschain and Tom Taylor’s Jake Chambers. As is apt to happen, these photos have also made their way over to social media, which you can see below. Be sure to visit both websites for their full gallery of set photos.

While I have read almost every Stephen King book in existence, I have never gotten around to reading The Dark Tower series, meaning that these photos are less a sneak peek at my favorite literary universe and more good-looking people wearing good-looking clothes. It also means I get to enjoy the rumor process like any casual fan. After all, I may not know who Roland Deschain is, but that doesn’t keep me from appreciating a very badass Idris Elba in a leather duster.

And if you want a little more insight into the characters and the history, our resident Stephen King expert, Britt Hayes, has you covered.