Move over Bratz, there's an edgier doll in town. Her name is Barbie. So what? Well the new Babrie doll has tattoos all over her body, including her neck, back, and arms! This new innovation of Barbie has parents seriously freaking out! Reports indicate that according to Mattel, the doll costs around $50. Parents are wondering what the toy maker was thinking when this doll was created.

Tom Gurry, a New York parent with an 11-year-old daughter wasn't feeling it at all, stating: 

“I’d kill my daughter if she came home with a tattoo. Barbie’s supposed to be a role model for young girls, right? I don’t want my daughter looking up to someone like that.”

Tiffany Newkirk, another parent of a teen said that her daughter has been practically beggin her to get a tattoo. She isn't feeling tatted up Barbie for kids either. She stated:

“I don’t think that’s an appropriate toy for a young girl. You don’t want your kids to think tattoos are a good idea at such a young age because they last a lifetime.”

Honestly, what is the difference between this new Barbie doll and Nicki Minaj? We aren't picking on Nicki, but she has tattoos, and crazy wigs, and also calls herself "Barbie".  Many parents allow their kids to listen to her music. What is the difference?

Do you think some parents are being overly sensitive or is this new "idol" of doll out of control?