Sunday night on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Nene Leakes stated numerous time that she is "rich". "Donald Trump rich", she stated to Sheree Whittfield, then again in Miami to Cynthia, and Kandi. Then proceeded to take the girls with her on a 9 million dollar home tour. Okay, so the question in every one's mind is HOW RICH IS NENE LEAKES? Is she really able to purchase a 9 million dollar home? Nene somewhat retracted her "I'm Rich" statement last night after the show on "Watch What Happens" with Andy Cohen. When asked by Andy what she meant by that, Nene stated that the term "Rich" can mean a lot of things, rich in health, rich in life, happiness, etc.

Hmmm.... We love you Nene, but we think you are full of it!

Do you think Nene is a rich as she says she is?