Not again!! Real Housewives of Atlanta & Celebrity Apprentice star Nene Leakes son, 20 year old Bryson Bryant was arrested by Duluth Georgia police yesterday for shoplifting! He was caught by the Walmart security camera for attempting to steal two $14 razors! TMZ reports that Bryson was charged with shoplifting along with violating his probation last night. This behavior is not new for Bryson as he was arrested last year for weed posession. Nene has been working with her son on trying to make something of himself. Bryson dropped out of college and Nene allowed him to stay in her home as long as he was employed.

Stealing razors? Really? Are times that tough? Smh

Watch Now: Nene Leaks Scolds Son For Arrest

We wonder if Bryson is doing this for attention. What do you think?

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