Real Housewive of Atlanta and GLEE star, Nene Leakes has landed a major role in a new upcoming NBC television project! No matter how you may feel about Nene, one thing we all must agree on is that this lady is working Hollywood and is set to do BIG things!

NBC execs have signed on Ms. Leakes to star in a show called, The New Normal, and is about a gay couple that is trying to start a family. When talking about her "gays" Nene stated to reporters:

"I'm Rocky, one of the gay guy's assistants. I take it very personal, honey, if you talk about my gays, honey. Only I can talk about them and I'm fabulous. She's very different from Roz Washington on Glee; she's always in workout outfits and sneakers. Rocky wears high heels every day. This is very fitting for me because in my real life, you don't mess with my gays, honey. I don't play that."

So... does that mean that Nene will quit her other shows? When asked that in an interview, she denied leaving RHOA and expressed that she would love to remain on GLEE:

"I hope to stay on Glee, I hope to still be a Housewife and I hope to do The New Normal. I just want to do it all! Why not? I'm only going to be young for a little while longer."

We think this is great news for Nene! Go girl!

Watch: Nene Leakes as "Coach Roz" on GLEE