Ne-Yo has worked with some of the biggest female stars and biggest voices in the music industry and his last collaboration left him feeling "irrelevant."

Working with the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson and Pitbull being in the studio and working with the legendary Celine Dion, Ne-Yo describes the collaboration this way,

It's the most irrelevant I've ever felt, because the size of Celine's voice, you don't need me there! She can do the whole song herself!"

The new song is called "Incredible" and it appears on her new album called Loved Me Back To Life (available now).

In the behind the scenes video that accompanies the video, Ne-Yo says performing with Celine was among the things on his bucket list!

Things to do before you die: write a song for Celine Dion, check. Sing a song with Celine Dion, check! Damn! You know what I mean? It's just one of those moments where you step outside of yourself and go, 'Wow.'"

Check out the new song and let us know what you think about it? Will it become Celine's next big hit? Leave me your comments in the section below.

Ne-Yo hopes that someone will hear the song and it will inspire them to go out and do something incredible.