Tylerites will soon have another outlet when it comes to shopping organically. Denver-based Natural Grocers will soon be opening the doors on its first East Texas location at 4820 S. Broadway in the space that was previously occupied by Bed Bath & Beyond.

Natural Grocers prides itself on selling products that are farm-fresh, free of preservatives, colorants, sweeteners and free of harmful trans fat. The president of the company says all of their dairy products come from pasture raised cows that aren't given hormones. Once open, the Broadway location could employ up to 50 people with most of the staff being full time who are trained in nutrition to allow them to help consumers make proper healthy choices.

According to TylerPaper.com, the store plans to open in late March. Natural Grocers president Kemper Isely also says they are looking to expand to other East Texas cities and already have their eyes set on a location for Longview.