Well, it's more than just writing tickets and eating doughnuts. Much more! In fact, the career of a police officer is a very tough one. Our east Texas police officers are not only here to protect and serve, but also be vigilant citizens and example setters for the community! Often times we overlook the many dangers in police officer's profession when we are pulled over or given a ticket. Our men and women in blue have extensive training, countless hours of physical fitness, and several educational tests that keep them sharp and alert.

Often placing themselves in harm's way to protect others is quite a daunting task. Officers must stay alert and be prepared for anything at a moments notice.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to call the police? How did they respond? Could you imagine yourself in their shoes doing what they do daily?

It has not always been peaches and cream in the media with officers, especially with the stories of police brutality that have been brought to light. The most famous case in the one of Rodney King. There have been several stories of racial profiling as well. However to note, many of these stories are very isolated incidences. For some individuals the thought of police officers can put a bad taste in their mouth's, however, it is fact that most police officers are good people who go about their day doing the right thing.

So with that being said, we here at Hot 107.3 Jamz salute our men and women in blue for all they do! It is a very tough job being a cop. We say thank you!