Sunday (December 24th) is not just Christmas Eve, but it’s a day to celebrate one of my favorite holiday drinks which is Egg Nog.  Egg Nog is a very popular holiday drink and very fitting for the day before Christmas.

Egg Nog is made up of milk, cream, sugar, eggs (of course), spices and often times alcohol.  From Days of The Year historically the first time ‘egg nog’ was ever used was in 1775 when Maryland clergyman and philologist Jonathan Boucher wrote a poem about the drink, which was surprisingly not published until about thirty years later after his death.

Fog-drams in the morn,
or better still egg-nogg.
At night hot-suppings,
and at mid-day, grogg.
My palate can regale

Celebrating this day is pretty easy and enjoyable.  All you have to do is purchase some egg nog, grab some holiday cookies and enjoy with family and friends.  Also, make sure you leave some for Santa!

Happy Holidays,