Now that Halloween season is upon us I am always down for a good scare.

However, for one Nashville woman she endured the most horrifying experience of her life when a prank inside a haunted house went terribly wrong.

According to Fox News, a woman and her friends were waiting in line for the Nashville Nightmare Halloween around 9 p.m. on Friday (October 5th) when an unknown male, who the group said they believed worked for the attraction, approached the four friends.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department says the stranger asked the woman if her friend was "messing around on her," the woman said she thought the stranger was "playing around", so she said "yes."

The stranger then handed her a knife-- which the group believed was a prop from the haunted attraction-- and at the stranger's instruction the woman "stabbed at" her friend.

That's when the nightmare began!

As she pulled away she realized she had actually injured her friend with a real knife. The unidentified person took back the knife after the incident.

The injured man and the other two friends in the group told police they did not believe the woman had any intention of harming them, and they all thought the stranger was part of the attraction and that the knife was fake.

The woman wasn't charged with a crime and Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group is investigating the incident while cooperating with the police and also confirmed the employee was placed on leave.