Are you currently unemployed or have a lot of leave time at work? NASA wants you.

The NASA CFT 70 study is looking to find ways to keep astronauts safer and healthier while they're in space, and the organization is looking for applicants to do an extended period of bed rest for quite a bit of coin.

After the first three weeks of normal living at the bed rest facility, you would have to spend the next 70 days horizontal and face down. It all goes down (literally) in Galveston.

According to the study's page on NASA's website, "Subjects in this study will be tested on set of seven functional tests (Functional Task Tests) and a corresponding set of physiological measures before and after 70 days of bed rest. Results of the study will help us:

  • Understand which mission tasks might be affected by changes in physiology during space flight,
  • Understand how physiological changes map to a person’s ability to do a particular task, and
  • Design countermeasures to prevent or minimize impairment to these physiological systems."

If you want to apply for the study, you would have to give a time commitment of 97 to 105 days.

Check out the full study and apply here.