A picture is worth a thousand words and by the looks of Instagram, Nas and Cam'ron have officially buried their long-standing beef.

"#QB #HARLEM #UwasntThere," Cam shared as the caption for a photo of himself in mid-handshake with Nas Wednesday (Feb. 19).

The New York rappers' beef goes back well over 10 years. In 2002, while airing out Hot 97 because the radio station would not let him perform his Jay Z diss track 'Ether,' Nas had some choice words for the Dipset leader.

Nas dismissed Cam's album as "wack" and even belittled him for his rhyming skills.

"He's lost. He's looking for a way to sell records but he doesn't understand that he's getting used by Hot 97 for ratings and to speak up for [Funkmaster] Flex, who don't care about nobody except for himself," the Queens, N.Y., native said. "They got a dummy to be a dummy and go up on the radio and speak out against me. It's unfortunate because they're using [Cam'ron] and he's not even a part of my fight. My fight is against any power structure that's gonna try to hold the freedom of speech and that fight is not over yet."

Diss records ensued including Nas' 2002 track 'Zone Out' as well as Cam's 'Tell U a True Story' and 'Hate Me Now.' The latter song was a flip of Nas' 'Hate Me Now' beat.

Good to see these two have settled their differences.