Whomever doesn't believe racism still exists in 2018 is delusional, as once again it has reared its ugly head causing another comedian/actress to fall from grace.

Rosanne Barr was sitting on top of the world with a successful television show on ABC that was rebooted after a 20 year hiatus. After the first season ended, the show was guaranteed a second season due to its high ratings, only for it to come crashing down after she sent out a racist tweet (now deleted) on May 29 directed to former President Obama's Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett.    

Since the backlash and an apology from Roseanne, ABC and Disney executives have denounced her remarks and canceled her show, spearheaded by Channing Dungey, who is the first African American Entertainment President of a major broadcast network and was backed by the head of ABC’s television group Mr. Robert Iger.

The same day, Starbucks closed 8,000 stores to train nearly 175,000 employees on racial bias in response to the backlash after two African American men were arrested at a Philadelphia store earlier this year.

Barr's incident is a strong reminder of America’s dirty laundry that nobody wants to talk about because it’s too sensitive.

I will keep my response short and to the point. Speaking as a African-American male who has witnessed racial discrimination and racism first hand (I'll share my experiences another time), being called anything besides your name is offensive enough, but to be compared to an "ape", when back in 1787 slaves were considered three-fifths human, is very damaging (look up the 3/5 Compromise as a refresher).

The tongue is the smallest member of the body, but one of the deadliest weapons to behold, and Barr's actions cost not only herself, but her cast mates, writers, camera men, etc., their jobs.

Personally speaking, I still believe in the "American Dream" where all races can live together in peace.  However, these openly racist actions with no real dialogue to end it make me wonder just how much of an allegiance America pledges to me as a black man.

Indivisible with liberty and justice for all.