Hello East Texas!  In the words of Humpty Hump of Digital Underground: “Now gather around I’m the new fool in town!”

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Shawn Knight and I’m the new Assistant Brand Manager & Midday Personality for Hot 107.3.  After being here for 1 week I must say that things are going pretty smooth, but I must admit that the transition getting here was rough.

The Shawn Knight Show

Let me explain…. (Harps playing) On Saturday, March 18th I had movers scheduled to pick up my belongings around Noon so I could make my 6 pm flight in the evening.  However, the movers got to my apartment at 3 pm and didn’t get done until 6 pm which caused me to miss my flight.  Got up early Sunday and was at the airport (not going to mention any names) and EVERY FLIGHT heading to Dallas was overbooked.  I call myself trying to beat the system and got a flight to Charlotte to connect to Dallas, but the outgoing flights were overbooked as well.  It was brought to my attention that Spring Break was coming to a close and every flight was horrible.  I ended up spending the night in Charlotte at the airport being optimistic about catching a flight early in the morning.

So, Monday with little to no sleep, I got up determined to get out of Charlotte.  Did it work?  Of course not!  The 1st flight at 6 am was overbooked and the following flight was overbooked.  Frustrated, I got on the phone with a friend who works at the airlines and he was able to get me a flight to Atlanta where I booked a seat to San Antonio, with a connecting flight to Dallas.  Ok, now I’m in Dallas, but I have to get to Tyler so I called a friend who drives for Uber and inquired about how much the fare would be and it was about $100!!!!!  However, because they haven’t seen me in a while they offered to pick me up and take me to Tyler.

Shawn Knight at Buc-ee's

Next stop, TYLER!  During the 90-min road trip I was checking out the various sites and even attempted to snap a few pics of the landmarks and around 8:30 pm I was checking into my hotel, taking a deep breath because I had finally arrived.  I was grateful to my friends’ assistance so I treated them to dinner at Buc-ee's, put gas in their car, and even gave them some money for their trouble.

So, there you have it East Texas, outside of all the trouble I am here and ready to get you through your workday Mon-Sat 9 am -2 pm on Hot 107.3 Jamz.  Follow me on social media FB, Twitter, & Instagram @ShawnKnightShow.