Monster's University debuted in the box office last weekend in the #1 position by raking in over $82 million and of that 30% of that total was from 3D ticket sales. You would think that would be a pretty good percentage of ticket sales, however, it's one of the lowest percentages for an animated film ever.

According to box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian of, he says 34% of ticket sales for Brad Pitt's latest movie World War Z was for 3D tickets, which was rather unimpressive too.

So are the days of 3D movies coming to an end? Not really, although studio insiders want 3D tickets sales to be 70 to 80 percent of ticket sales, according to Dergarabedian, that's not realistic and their expectations will have to be lowered. Plus, the newness of the 3D movie has worn off and moviegoers are being more specific in which 3D movie they choose to see.

A couple of other reasons why ticket sales could be declining for the 3D movies are: price, comfort of the glasses and kids being terrified of the images being so close to them.