One Australia mother has made a name for herself after she posted a letter written to her son on Facebook.

Estella Havisham is a single mother who lives with her 13-year-old son, Aaron. She posted on Facebook that her son told her that she shouldn't tell him what to do and no longer wanted to be treated like a child.

Aaron even commented that he makes money and didn't need his mother's help. Estella is currently between jobs because of health issues.

So, after their argument, Estella wrote Aaron a letter. She later posted it to her Facebook page to make a point about parenting, and it has since gone viral.

Estella's Facebook account has been disabled, and while she has received plenty of support from her social media peers, there have been many who have criticized her parenting.

She responded with a letter of her own to her detractors.

What do you think about her letter? Do you think it was a good method to use with a 13-year-old?