It's that time of year again. The time of year when we show our moms just how much we appreciate them and love them. Being that this is my first Mother's Day (as a new mother) I found myself wondering what to do for my mother ... the mother who has everything. After pondering upon my own question, I made it my mission for Mother's Day 2012 to do the unconventional. Here are my top 5 things to do if your mother, like mine, has everything!

  1. Rest & Relaxation: I'm not talking about your typical R&R. I'm talking total peace and quiet, along with her favorite latte, and maybe breakfast in bed. If you are a husband, then maybe add a little morning nookie to the scene, beginning with a massage. Wake her up with her favorite rose petals, or flowers.
  2. Take the kids AWAY for awhile. Silence is golden, and even better when it's truly silent. Taking the children out of the house and off of her hand so she can enjoy quiet time to herself is priceless. Let her have several hours of silent time to herself. Trust me, she will enjoy it!
  3. Mother's Day for a WEEK! Yes, a week! Plan something relaxing and refreshing for your mother for a solid week. For example, if Mom enjoys seafood, take her to her favorite seafood restaurant one evening. The next evening, ask her what she wants to do. Make it happen each day for a week!
  4. No flowers or candy. If you must buy something, plan on getting something you've heard Mom say she would like to try. For example, if Mom wants to try a new hairstyle, send her to her hairdresser ... all expenses paid.
  5. Getting creative on a budget. Washing her car every week for a month, or even cooking dinner for the household for a week are both great ways to save money, and spoil your mother rotten! If you are a poet, or writer at heart, sing her a song your wrote about her, or share a poem.

Bottom line: For Mother's Day 2012, you want Mom to feel extra special, extra appreciated, and extra loved! Your creative efforts will not go unnoticed. She will truly appreciate the time, thought, and creativity you put in to make her day special.

Happy Mother's Day!