According to a new study, most students are not ready for college.

Researchers took a look at kids graduating from high schools in the state of Michigan and found that -- in half of those schools -- fewer than 10 percent of the graduates were prepared for higher education. Ouch, read more after the jump.

In order to be considered college ready, a student had to score an 18 in English, a 22 in math, 24 in science and a 21 in reading.

Some of the best districts in Michigan could only boast that about 30 percent of their students met the standards required to go on to universities.

And, nationwide, only 24 percent of the students who took college entrance exams in 2010 are considered college ready.

* Have you ever undertaken a challenge that you were definitely NOT ready for?

Did you get your driver's license -- and then proceed to get into an accident the next day?

Did having a baby totally rock your world?

* Are you worried about your kids because they're getting to be 16, 17 and 18 years old and don't seem like they can handle ANYTHING?

Are you prepared for them to live with you until they're 20? 25? 35?