As creativity goes, ice cream can be pretty vanilla. But what happens when a daring few decide to stray from convention and offer up some truly unique flavors? People take notice, that's what happens. If you're feeling daring this summer, here are five crazy flavors you can try throughout the USA.

  • Lobster Ice Cream

    Maine is lobster country, so what's an ice cream shop to do? Make lobster ice cream, of course! At Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium of Bar Harbor, fresh-steamed Maine lobster is buttered and folded into a butter cream base to make a frosty desert that's a true catch. Click here for more info

    Simon Goldenberg, Flickr
  • Habanero Chili Pepper Ice Cream

    Packed with hot sauce and habanero peppers, Cold Sweat ice cream is so hot, you'll need to sign a waiver before you can try it at Sunni Sky's in Angier, North Carolina. Click here for more info

    Jason Smith, Flickr
  • Pancakes and Bacon Ice Cream

    If you can eat breakfast for dinner, then why not breakfast for desert? In addition to wacky flavors like donut and licorice, the Los Angeles-based ice cream truck Lake Street Creamery serves up a maple, pancake, bacon and coffee-flavored scoop called Pancake Breakfast. Click here for more info

    Jeremy Keith, Flickr
  • Lox Ice Cream

    From the icy waters of the Atlantic straight to the icy cream of Max & Mina's lox ice cream, this vanilla-based treat is studded with flecks of nova lox (cured salmon), cream cheese and just a pinch of salt. Before you say “eww,” just think how good it tastes on a bagel. Click here for more info

    Steven Depolo, Flickr
  • Soy Sauce Sorbet

    Some people love the taste of ice cream but hate the thought of cream. For those folks, there's soy ice cream – but NEWSFLASH! That's not that crazy anymore. Unless you're talking about soy sauce ice cream, in which case stop the presses – that just sounds insane. Courtesy of food writer Jessica Su, this Soy Sauce Sorbet is an ice cream-esque confection you can make yourself. Click here for more info

    Eric Baetscher, Wikimedia