A decision has been made by a federal judge that allows "the morning after" pill to be sold over the counter at any age. Previously, one had to be of at least 16-years-old to purchase the pill. This decision will start a nation wide conversation. What do you think? 

Now, your young daughter will not be able to go out tomorrow morning and get the morning after pill. The FDA has thirty days to challenge this decision or to comply. But, while we wait to see what happens lets have a quick talk about what this will mean.

The morning after pill is used after unprotected sexual intercourse. This can be used up to five days after the intercourse. How does it work? Planned Parenthood explains,

So, is this an abortion pill? Planned Parenthood continues by saying,

Whether you agree with them or not, this pill is going to affect all of us. Before we can really get this conversation rolling, we need some more information about this decision. These videos will explain this ruling a little bit more.

Now that we have a little more insight and information, tell us what you think.