On Sunday, Oscar host Billy Crystal did a pretty good impression of Morgan Freeman’s voice, during a bit in which he narrated the thoughts of some of the famous faces in the audience. But it’s nothing compared to YouTube user Improvrishedacting’s impression of the 73-year old acting legend, which he unleashed on the internet this week.

You will probably remember the speech you are about to hear from ‘Shawshank Redemption.’ You will definitely be impressed.

Pretty eerie to see that voice coming from that face, right? Improvrishedacting seems to be taking requests for further Freeman impressions on his YouTube page. So hit him up if you always wanted to hear Freeman’s pitch-perfect narration voice read ‘Green Eggs and Ham.’

And Freeman isn’t the only impression Improvrishedacting can do. Last week he put out a video in which he imitates the distinctive voices of Alan Alda, Michael Caine and James Earl Jones. Check that one out below.