Well, we totally saw this coming! We reported earlier last week that R&B/Hip-Hop royal couple, Beyonce and hubby Jay Z paid some $1.3 million to rent out a wing of the maternity ward of the hospital where Bey delivered. The money spent was great for sweet baby girl, Blue-Ivy Carter and family, but not so much for the other mother's delivering who say that while the famous couple was waited on hand and foot, their care was neglected! Also, with the hospital under high-profile patient status, Bey and Jay's security was at every level -- and noted that several of the other mothers were seen arguing with them. The moms, who according to TMZ aren't mad at Beyonce and Jay Z, but are angry at the Lenox Hill Hospital, staff, and management for neglect. Other horror stories state that a man was prevented from seeing his premature newborn twin daughters because Bey's security wouldn't allow him in a certain area. A lawsuit is said to be in the works. Wow!

Do you think that it was fair for the hospital to allow Bey and Jay to rent out $1.3 million of floor space -- that could have been for other patients' care? Do you think the other mothers actually have a case?