ABC's hit show Modern Family is one of the only shows on television to depict American families for what most families really are. They cover all types of families from a gay couple to your typical 2 parent, 3 children household. They depict situations that all families face and add a humorous view to them. Well the most recent episode is getting a lot of heat for airing something some are finding highly inappropriate, despite the fact that it actually happens in real life.

In this episode titled "Little Bo Bleep" little 2-year old Lily, adopted daughter of openly gay couple Mitchell and Cameron (Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet) shocks everyone with her first expletive. Because of this, an anti-profanity crusader has asked ABC to pull the episode. McKay Hatch, founder of the No Cussing Club says:

"Our main goal is to stop this from happening. If we don't, at least ABC knows that people all over the world don't want to have a 2-year-old saying the 'F-bomb' on TV."

The tot is played by Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who says the word "fudge" during taping. It will be bleeped on the air and her mouth will be obscured by pixels, and viewers will get the impression that her character used the actual F-word. If the tot isn't actually saying the word, you don't hear the word, and there is no profanity actually used, then what is the problem? All families deal with this issue and ABC is just portraying the matter in a humorous way.

What do you think? Do you think that ABC went too far? Or do you think that this issue is just blown out of proportion?