Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Miles Brock was arrested following an altercation with his ex-boyfriend Milan Christopher Gordy in Chicago on Sunday (Nov. 1).

According to the Chicago Tribune, Brock allegedly punched Christopher, a co-star on Love & Hip Hop, on the left side of his face during a heated argument. The 27-year-old rapper was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault.

"So hurt right now. Can't believe he would do this to me," tweeted Christopher on his Twitter account. "Even after all his lies & cheating! He has lied about everything & to the world!"

On Monday (Nov. 2), Brock went on Instagram and denied that he assaulted his ex-boyfriend. "It's sad that there are people out there so evil and desperate for attention," he writes. "I've never put my hands on anyone...unfortunately we live in a generation where people can accuse you of anything and everyone will believe it."

Prior to the altercation, both were in New York filming the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion special. Apparently, the taping didn't go so well because Christopher went on his Instagram page accusing Brock of cheating on him, among other things.

"So my trip to NYC for the #lhhhreunion was very painful," he writes. "Right now I'm setting aside one of the most dramatic situations I have ever experienced in my life for the sake of my community, my heart & my sanity. If you guys only knew the pain I have faced in the last 72 hrs and the information I have been bombarded with in the last two weeks, I think you would understand what I am going through and even more the emotional rollercoaster that has came to you front and center in the last week or so."

The producer goes on to thank his fans for their unwavering support and says that he's planning to deal with their breakup in a private manner. "I need a moment to gather my next moves, my life and my purpose because everything is so foggy right now. It really has been a lot, physically, mentally and emotionally," he continues.

Hopefully, we get more answers about the ending of this rocky relationship when the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion show premieres on VH1.

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