Miguel's girl is easy to please. She's looking for "someone real" and "someone true" on his new song 'Simplethings,' which rests on the new soundtrack for the HBO series 'Girls.'

'Simplethings,' while flexing some heavy, but steady, distorted guitars, finds the object of Miguel's affection longing for exactly that -- the simple things. "I don't want a model / I don't want a movie star / I want you to win my heart," he sings of what she wants in her man.

You'll also find out that the simple things consist of someone to smoke herb with. "Smoke with me, baby," Miguel belts out.

The singer is currently at work on the follow-up to the critically acclaimed album 'Kaleidoscope Dream.' Jessie Ware and J. Cole have reported already collaborated with the Grammy award-winning artist for the project.

Listen to Miguel's 'Simplethings'