Miguel's leg drop incident is still a hot topic as developments reveal the Grammy Award-winning singer was told not to perform his jump at the Billboard Music Awards last month.

Before the award show, Miguel reportedly approached the show's producers about performing the stunt during his set. But they shot down the idea, saying it would be too dangerous, according to TMZ sources.

The 'Adorn' crooner apparently defied the orders and obviously the producers knew what they were talking about. As Miguel missed his landing spot, he injured an audience member, who was immediately escorted backstage. When the singer checked on her after his performance, the fan said she wasn't hurt.

But recent reports say Miguel may be sued for the incident. Khyati Shah, the victim, may take legal action with the help of her attorney, Vip Bhola. Her lawyer confirmed that his client is having some cognitive issues.

If the producers truly ordered the 'Kaleidoscope Dream' singer not to jump, then this will only make him more liable for his actions.