Any basketball fan already knows that ex-Chicago Bulls player  Michael Jordan was, is and always will be considered one of the greatest players ever to hit the NBA, but a recent Jordan-endorsed Gatorade ad is sparking controversy among health professionals.

In the ad, the very exhausted Jordan is playing in the '97 championship game with the flu, or what was considered "flu-like symptoms." Former NBA coac, Phil Jackson describes how ill Jordan was at the time and practically said [without saying] that Gatorade helped him finish the game.

Critics are upset that the ad is sending the wrong messages - especially to kids:

  • No matter how sick you are, still play ... "to be like Mike"
  • Gatorade can cure the flu.
  • Pushing your body past it's limits can be achieved with the help of Gatorade.

Watch: Michael Jordan Gatorade Ad

Do you agree with the critics, or is this just something naysayers are picking apart?

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