With just a month away from the release of Michael Jackson's posthumous album, 'XSCAPE,' the title track arrives. The big question: Does the song stay true to the King of Pop's sound?

When news came that a new MJ LP was on the horizon, eight tracks were revealed to be part of the project and "contemporized" by Timbaland,and Rodney Jerkins. Out of those three, only Jerkins got to work with the King of Pop while he was still alive. Rodney His last major collaboration with Jackson was on the 2001 'Invincible' album. The Fader reports that 'Xscape' is the only track on the album being updated by the original producer.

The song itself serves more as an homage to Michael Jackson's sound on 1991's 'Dangerous' album than a modernization. In essence, it stays true to the MJ signature. The pop star's vocal stylings lean on his quick word cut-offs, and Jerkins contributed prominent drums that the crooner seemed to have an affinity for. Even the lyrics touch on his favorite topics of freedom and individuality. "Why is it I can't do whatever I want to when it's my personal life and I don't live for you?" Jackson sings.

Does 'Xscape' hold true to Michael Jackson's sound? Tell us in the comments below.

Listen to Michael Jackson's 'Xscape'